Betsy Chaffe: Role Play — Not for Me

Set for a Masked Ball

Set for a Masked Ball

One of the things that happen in both RL and SL . . . CHANGE . . . sometimes the changes are for the very best and at other times signal a great loss.  About six months after we entered  Second Life,  Zeb’s computer began having problems and then he was gone . . . I missed him greatly!  His cheerful outlook on life, great sense of humor and our explorations of new places in SL vanished.  Friends cheered me on but it was just not the same.

Floating in space at Inspire Space Park, Second Life

Floating in space at Inspire Space Park

Then I met  Kell Ventura  . . . he loved to explore new places in SL and began to visit or leave a message daily. He also had a great sense of humor, and since he lived in the USA we could go out dancing most evenings!  We explored a lot, learned how to ride AKK  horses, found a new swim HUD at “Siggy’s Water Works” so we could swim all the way around the Caribanna sim, and loved flying in outer space at “Inspire Space Park”.  After about three months, Kell asked me to become his SL partner and I said, “Yes”!

AKK Horse Ranch- Betsy Riding Her Black Friesian, Legend

Riding my black Friesian Legend

We enjoyed riding our beautiful new horses so much that we decided we should find a place to build a larger house where there was open space to ride.  I was assigned the task to find the “house,” and Kell was going to hunt for the place to build it.
At this point I should tell you that the ballroom at Avillion was indeed the most beautiful in all of sl and we talked about the possibility of moving to that sim, but there were no large spaces open to build on.

By this time people were pouring into SL daily, building textures were improving and new RP (role play) sims were opening every week. One weekend I sat in the jousting stands at Avillion next to Anna, Queen of Taupo.  Her SL partner, Dennis, was the King of Taupo and he had just won the joust.  She said they had just finished building their castle and would love to have us join them as neighbors there.

So we went to Taupo and loved the landscape!  We took the space next to their castle and I set out to finalize a build with Rizla Laval.  He agreed to build a “small castle” that seemed to fit our needs  . . . it even had stables underneath so that we could keep our horses there.

Kell became The Duke of Ventura, and we began to help Anna and Dennis build up the traffic in the small, quaint town of Taupo.  There were a good number of merchants and an active town council.

Betsy Chaffe Dressed for Medieval Role Play

Dressed for Medieval Role Play

We attended masked balls, jousts and other festivities but sadly, after some months there, I realized that I was growing more isolated and alone than I had ever been in either RL or SL . Most of my friends were not into role play, and while they came to see what we were doing and the new place, they did not really ask to come back or ask us to join them for parties or go out for even an hour of dancing. I found that I was so very unhappy in that “role play environment” that I soon ended the partnership and returned to my small house at Caribanna Beach . . . all of my good friends were there for me again!

Find the beginning of my Second Life memoir here.

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