From the Road in West Texas

Ann, the human here. My own site is here: . I’ve been on the road and out in the wilds, away from any real connection to either cell phone or internet. Yes, there are places in the United States where cell phone service ceases to exist. Can you hear me now, Verizon? Big Bend is one of those places.

The Gage Hotel

At The Gage Hotel in Marathon, Texas

I’m having coffee in my favorite desert oasis, The Gage Hotel. As an aside, this is one of my favorite hotels, anywhere. Comfortable and beautiful. Lovely bar, the White Buffalo, and amazing food. I had one of the best steaks I’ve ever eaten last night. Of course the whole thing is particularly wonderful after camping for three nights.

Now I’m having coffee outside of my room, and catching up on the goings on in both real and virtual worlds.

Six days ago, 1,500 developers gathered at Oculus Connect 2 conference at the Loews hotel in Hollywood.

During the keynote speech by Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe, Mark Zuckerberg came up onstage to address the group. Zuckerberg said that virtual reality is “like teleporting to some other place by putting on a headset. I was so excited with it because I realized I was seeing the next big technology platform. After video, the next logical step is fully immersive virtual reality. VR is the next platform. In just a few years, VR has gone from being a science fiction dream to reality. All of you are inventing the next major platform.”

Separately, Philip Rosedale is working on reducing audio latency in virtual reality. He writes about it here in the High Fidelity blog. And it’s a big reminder to me that I need to get over and into High Fidelity and start writing about that new world. I have an account and have been in, but not enough to really comment yet. As far as I am concerned, Philip Rosedale is the father of the metaverse. I take his work very seriously.

Okay, time to turn the nose of the car east and get home to Houston.

Ann Cavitt Fisher

Finishing up coffee and a post at the Gage Hotel

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  1. So nice to be able to step into a more calm, peaceful world while reading up on and contemplating the future of a whole new, exciting virtual world. A nice balance of the world of the past while preparing for the world of the future.

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