Betsy Chaffe: 10 Cents a Dance

I am certain that I logged out of Second Life at least once on that first day, but it was so exciting that I did not want to miss one moment.  At some point my friend Zeb came to Bogart’s and he learned how to dance with me.  Again, such fun!

He told me about a wonderful place he had found in his travels around SL . . . it was called “The Lost Gardens of Apollo” (here for pictures) and he wanted to show it to me.  Apollo quickly became one of my favorite places to visit.  (Sadly, to leap forward, The Lost Gardens of Apollo closed in July 2011 — a true loss for SL since Dane Zander had created so many lovely places to relax and meditate.)

I think this may be the place to say that I think most of the Second Life residents never think about the amount of money it costs to set up and run a successful region.   Any donation you make to a place you find that enchants you will be deeply appreciated by the owner/creator. A current example of an amazing sim is Calas Galadhon — please go look at the beautiful photographs from this park in Second Life. 

Now, on to more of the fun that comes when you are a newbie in-world.  Each morning I came into SL right on the Bogart’s beach, and I would then sit by the fire and wait for the day to start . . . most people were very polite knowing that I was indeed still a newbie and I began to make friends from all over the world. The two that come to mind immediately are Phillipe from Paris and Quiet from the east coast of the United States.

I danced a lot, smiled a lot, and then one morning when I logged in I saw that I suddenly had three thousand Linden in my account. (Second Life currency, 250 Linden = $1 US). I could not believe that someone had paid me . . . it turned out that it was indeed Jade Jewell who said that I had become the most tipped, most requested girl at Bogart’s. . . What??? It seems that most of the ladies who wore the Bogart’s group tag over their head were employees.  Had Jade just forgotten to tell me that? Or was she sure I would have left, if she had been honest on that first day and told me that I was dancing with men for money!!!!!

Well, as nice as the Linden were there was no way I would continue doing that kind of “dime a dance girl” job.  It also explained why Jade had asked two of the “girls” to take me shopping for skins, hair and clothes which I had refused.  I had decided I was going to stay “me” not become some sexy Barbie Doll.

Zeb continued to come for some time each day and usually had a new place to go.  One of the funniest was a “small town fair” where they had an airplane that would take you up for a skydive . . . So we jumped out of the plane — and yes, they did give you a parachute — but overlooked telling you that you needed to “wear it,” so we had quite a fall. What a shock! And while it did not kill us, going splat on the ground was quite s surprise!  I still have that Silver Pearl Beach Parachute in my inventory . . . makes me smile every time I come across it.

One response to “Betsy Chaffe: 10 Cents a Dance

  1. I am so loving hearing your stories of the Days of Second Life Past. Before I had any idea it even existed. The only Bogarts I know of is the way it currently stands. It sounds like it was different back in the pre-Sinatra days. I highly doubt though that I would have made any kind of profit dancing then or now. lol

    Thank you for sharing your stories. They make for fun reads.

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