I Digress – A Visit to a Spanish Food Blog

Restaurant table

While I’ve been in a virtual world for years, writing about it is entirely new for me. To begin my blogging adventure, I’ve taken part in the blogging101 class offered by WordPress. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading my classmates’ blogs from around the world, and today I’d like to share a post from CookEdere with a charming animation of small chefs preparing food for a table of real people.

I have embedded the video below (since I’ve noticed that readers often don’t follow links out), but I would encourage you to visit CookEdere. His article on Food Porn, well, do I need to say more :-). If you don’t speak Spanish, simply let the browser translate for you.

This lovely video was created by Skullmapping.

While the connection to my main topics of the Metaverse and Second Life may seem tenuous, I will often be writing about creativity. This certainly applies. And who knows? Perhaps this will lead to a sideline set of posts called Francesca’s Kitchen . . .

Thanks again to CookEdere for sharing this charming meal!

4 responses to “I Digress – A Visit to a Spanish Food Blog

  1. Hey Francesca 🙂
    Wonderful animation 🙂

    Would like to see your articles on metaverse and second life 🙂



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